Crystal Clear!

Crystal Clear!

It is now very obvious, I would say “crystal clear” that all the Central Governments of the countries member of the Euro-Zone are integral part of a very devilish scheme against humanity.

People try to push their favorite political party to sit on the Parliament, they believe that things will change if they do that. The truth is “nothing will ever change” because nothing is allowed to be changed by the “dark forces” behind IMF, ECB, EuroGroup, etc…

Masons are controlling every single power-spot, banks, organizations, intergovernmental bodies .. They are following their native program, that program against humanity that is in their devilish nature to develop. They have done this before, in WWI and WWII through their corrupted bankers, the Rotch… family of Geneva, the Rock… family in NY, etc..

They are mostly very old figures, they usually spit when they talk and they have no smile on their face, but hate and rage, they are constantly in search of power and even if they are already powerful, they will never be powerful enough, to stop their cruel actions.

These people are sick, no doubt about that! But … here it comes the 1 million dollars question:


Yeah, I know .. power can’t be easily stop … but remember, they are not the most powerful on the planet!

Yet there is something much more powerful .. something that no one can oppose …

…. there is “US” … the union of all of us is the most powerful things on the planet!

Do not believe there is a chance to be saved. Do not believe there is a will to save us, within their programs. No Governmental body or agency whatsoever will care about saving us.

But believe in yourself and your alike .. people that like you are fighting every single day to survive.
Believe in the universal power of mankind .. we have our own rights and no one can take them off.

Church won’t help .. they do not have such a power, nor they have any intention to interfere.
God will!! God will help .. if you start considering that God and Church are two separate and completely different entities.

Let’s not sit while these Fellow of Satan do their dirty job! Let’s be united for a common cause: