The Big conspiracy behind the Crisis!

The Big conspiracy behind the Crisis!

Since Ancient times Barbarians (people who made sounds like bar-bar) tried to conquer Greece. First were the Persians, repulsed by Leonidas and his 300 warriors. Then the more civilized Romans took over Greek prime. Then were the Goths, the Arabs, the Bulgarians, the Slavs, the Turks. Even now in the 21st century Greeks have to protect their country from mischievous enemies. The global conspiracy to wrest away sovereignty from Greeks is well under way. Not only scheme the enemies against Greece’s prosperity but they also want to destroy its Greek-christian culture. Greece is the center not only of the world but also of the universe.

This global conspiracy is responsible for the current Greek crisis. Greece had no problems before the crisis. But these centers of the “New World order” have set up an elaborate plan to bring Greece, the super-power to its knees. Who is behind though the conspiracy? A mixture of Zionists, Americans and of course Aliens from another world. What is their objective though? The Endgame? Are they after the holy Grail? What is so special about Greece? It is simple. Greece, a land of 131,940 square kilometers. (For the sake of comparison, that is the size of New York State), holds huge amounts of everything that is valuable.

Some clever Greeks have not fallen under the spell of the lame-stream media and have uncovered the truth. Greek soil is filled with huge deposits of Uranium. The Aegean Sea is not filled with pure sea water but is flush with oil & Gas. These are just some of the findings by the extreme detectives of the Greek drama. Never mind the foreign multinationals or even the Greek indigenous companies. They are “aware” of these hidden treasure but they do not want to exploit it yet. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet Germany is “punishing” Greece to rob its sunlight. There are no other countries in the Mediterranean which get lots of sunshine days. According to them Greek sunshine is different than the sunshine in Italy and Spain.

How valuable is Greece’s “hidden oil and gas” reserves? According to a very VALID source MR PAPADAKIS COSTANINE these reserves are worth 10,000,000,000,000 or simply put 10 trillion dollars.

“Η αξία του πετρελαίου και αερίου μας είναι (10 ΤΡΙΣ ΔΟΛΆΡΙΑ !) συμφωνα με το Γεωλογικό Ινστιτούτο των ΗΠΑ, το ΥΣΓΣ”

This esteemed freedom fighter shines the lens of truth against the lies of the evil empire. Wikipedia a website controlled by the cabal tries to obscure the truth and states that Greece has only 10,000,000 or 10 million barrels of oil. Fortunately Greeks are now widely awake and they are aware of the master plan against their country. People like Mr Papadakis keep up the fight and thankfully spread the message of truth to everybody through twitter. Others try to uncover the links between nefarious Investment banks and other parts of the financial system. According to them Greek finances were perfect and many people wanted to lend to Greece. These trouble makers though created the ruckus.

Somebody once confided in me that if foreign powers let Greece breathing space, it can transform into the Dubai of Europe. I found that analogy a bit spot on. Dubai has no oil, Its culture from a western viewpoint is very religious, It went on a debt binge and spend money on various crazy projects. It was bailed out (twice) by its more solemn neighbor (who has Oil). The local citizens are mostly employed by the state and they are pampered by the state with egregious handouts and most of the hard work is borne by the cheap immigrant labor. Like the Albanians did a lot of menial jobs in the 90s in Greece. There though the similarities stop.
Last but not least I hope the reader understood that this post was filled with sarcasm and Irony. The witch hunt for masterminds is ridiculous. Don Quixote’s quest about windmills at least was enjoyable and people realized it was a book. Unfortunately many Greeks are searching for enemies outside the walls. They see the country’s current predicament as an assault with ulterior motives. If somebody will try to reason with arguments against their claims he will branded as a covert spy brought here to sow distrust and discredit their efforts. Probably even the current author is part of this conspiracy and is trying to disorient everybody by making the plan sound absurd, brilliant. Has it worked?

For the ones who want to transform Greece into the Saudi Arabia of Europe they will succeed. Greece can become the Greek Arabia of Europe -minus the oil

(Courtesy of Wired And Ready)