Think about ..

Think about ..

Introduction: This is not against right political parties. Instead is a message to help people understand the difference between a right political party and a Nazi-terrorist organization.

Let’s talk seriously once in a time!

To be affiliated to a right-party because of the “right” political view and philosophy is not a crime at all. Political view and liberty of expression and speech are part of democracy. Besides that, I personally agree that all other parties failed in their intent to restore preserve democracy and restore their own countries economy.

The so called neo-Nazism, apparently associated to most of extreme right-parties, that’s another story. Anything associated with fascism, Nazism, whatever old or new is recalling holocaust, mass murdering, genocides, etc..

There is no good in it, not even a spark!

I am talking to you! You with the shaved head, wearing that black shirt with he swastika on it … are you serious? Have you ever been at school? Did you ever learn what Adolf Hitler did to millions of innocent people, including women and Childs ….. probably not. You must be one of those nerds spending most of the time in worthless activities. Well dumb idiot, let me explain you something: you are the reason why political right-parties cannot grow in your own country and abroad. People is tired of hearing about violence and, because of you and all people like you, they believe that all right-parties are supporting, or suggesting to support, fascism and the so called neo-Nazism. You see, you are nothing than a looser, working against your own interest because …. simply because you are ignorant.

There is an ideology and a philosophy in every political view.

You have no place on earth when you believe or support such idiotic and insane Nazi-theories. So please get the hell of here and find a good psychologist to help you. Vice-versa killing yourself quietly in a remote place, would not be a bad idea.