Tourists, contractors, workers, investors, be careful and think twice before decide to visit and/or come to live in Greece, whether for a limited or unlimited period of time!

Greece is hostile! The Greek government is a joke, and the Greek citizens cannot help you because they have been totally stripped of their rights.

Public Services are very poor and whatever you would do you would have to put your hands in your wallet and pay ….. pay to everybody, even public services, the Church, and public hospitals.

The Juridical System in Greece is highly corrupted, and the elevate level of racism generate unpredictable sentences and restrictions. You lawyer in Greece, if honest, won’t be able to properly serve you since the court’s absolute power will always prevail. If you get a corrupted lawyer (which is most probable) then you will just pay lot of money to end-up in jail, whether you are innocent or guilty.

Greece is the only country on the Planet where Reason of Doubt puts you in jail.

Do not come to Greece!!!! You will only meet troubles from day One. Everyone can denounces you without any requirement or proof, or report you to the authorities. You will start a long jurney inside this corrupted, racist and dirty Juridical System and you will spend lot of money, to no avail. If someone wants you in jail, you will go to jail.

Greece could be a great country, and you would love it if you go there. However all your love and appreciation will vanish after the first meeting with Mr. Almighty (who is anyone linked with the Central Government).

The same Greek citizens have been sold by the Central Government. Greek families are reduced to poverty and Greek enterprises have been lead to bankruptcy. While Greek entrepreneurs cannot face outstanding debts with the Government, because the same Government lead them to collapse, they are gently accompaigned to serve time in jail.


If you are clever and you do not need troubles in your life .. please do not even come close to this rotten country.

In Greece you are not a human been.
In Greece you have no rights.
In Greece no one can protect you.
In Greece the Government is your enemy.
In Greece you are the enemy of the Government.
In Greece you are … fucked up!